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Stand # I 93

62 Drummond St

South Windsor NSW 2756

T +612 4587 9522



Contact: Joanne De Silva

For Over 25 Years Dalekit have been proudly manufacturing Outdoor Blinds and Awnings. Starting with Traditional awnings the range expanded to folding arms, Zipscreens and eventually retractable roof systems. Now stepping indoors, Dalekit are proud to introduce our selection of internal window covering solutions. Taking the plunge into this whole new area of manufacturing Dalekit seeks to expand on our range and offer the full spectrum of products our customers have been asking for. Utilising cutting edge technology never before seen in Australia, Dalekit also saw the opportunity to provide a cut length service (CLS) providing solutions for all customer’s needs. We welcome you to come and speak to our professional team and enquire how Dalekit can be the difference for you.